Life is too short for regret. That’s exactly why our Founders took their passion for pizza, restaurants and their #iOLO (I Only Live Once) mantra to launch THE LOCAL PIZZAiOLO.

At THE LOCAL PIZZAiOLO, we encourage all of our pizza makers to approach our pizzas the same way they approach life—with lots of zest, integrity and heart. They are taught to be obsessed with tradition and inspired by innovation.

In addition to making it our mission to deliver the best pizza on the planet, we truly hope our passion for pizza fuels you to do what you love, too. If you only live once, what are you going to go do? And, if you only live once, shouldn’t more pizza be on your list?


THE LOCAL PIZZAiOLO is on a mission to serve the best tasting pizza on the planet served to you by some of the most warm-hearted humans on the planet.
We believe in Working with Purpose. From our partners and suppliers to how we treat each other as team members, we are passionate about our #iOLO culture. What’s that? The pledge we each take - I ONLY LIVE ONCE - a pledge to uphold our company values, give back to our world and encourage all of those around us to live a life of passion.

Living & Working with a P.I.Z.Z.A. Purpose:

Passion for Results
Act as a team, to relentlessly serve the highest-quality food, drink, experiences & profits

Be ethical, truthful & respectful to others & the business

Zest for the Guest
Act with a sense of urgency to exceed guest needs & expectations

Zeal for Loyalty
Create internal loyalty, guest loyalty & brand loyalty with a warm spirit & stellar service

Be yourself, continuously grow personally & professionally - #iOLO

With every pizza we serve, a piece of the pie goes back to our community through programs that support the nourishment and education of our next generation.

We are especially honored to have a partnership with Share our Strength’s No Kid Hungry program that is dedicated to ensuring every child in Georgia and the United States has access to healthy food where they live, where they learn and where they play so they can go after their passions too. One of the ways we support them is by sharing profits from our canned tomatoes from Napoli that you can find in our Mercato (marketplace). #iOLO for us also means leaving the world a better place.

As various ingredients were tasted for our pizza making, we wanted to also offer them for sale so you can create your own delicious items at home. From truffle honey to pestos to flavor infused olive oils & vinegars, nothing is for sale that hasn’t been personally tasted. In addition, we have imported beautiful pottery from Frottaglie from Francesco Fasano who is from a dynasty of potters dating back to the 17th century. Each piece was painted just for The Local Pizzaiolo, some with transparent glazes in rich colors and others with the famous sgraffito technique, where then glazes ae applied in two or three more steps. We are particularly fond of the custom pizza serving plates so you can even serve your carry-out pizza in style.
Had Giulio Adriani stuck with Plan A, and simply dismissed his passion for making pizza as nothing more than a hobby, right now you’d be reading about a very hard-working and successful —but extremely unfulfilled— accountant.

Fortunately, for him—and everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him and eating his amazing pies—he walked away from that path and followed his heart to the kitchen. Giulio grew up in Rome and, after studying accounting and earning his MBA, he said goodbye to number punching and hello to Neapolitan pizza. He trained first in the little kitchen of his Neapolitan grandmother, and later by pizza masters Gaetano Fazio and Antonio Starita. Today, Giulio is one of the world’s leading pizza experts.

Giulio served as a Master Instructor for the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) and is part of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN).  While with AVPN, he shared his passion for pizza and teachings with the very best up-and-coming pizzaiolos around the globe. (He’s the guy that would fly in and let you know if you were serving authentically inspired Neapolitan pizza and award the restaurant the certification!)

Among his many accolades is the coveted Gold Medal from the 2010 World Pizza Championship in Salsomaggiore, Italy. His signature pizza— the Montanara, known for it’s flash-fried crust—was so innovative it’s documented as the sole reason his U.S. Green Card was approved. Here in America, he has continued to grow his culinary achievements, includ-ing the Guinness World Record in June of 2017 for the world’s largest pizza – stretching 1.3 miles long!

Giulio first dazzled America with his passion for pizza through his upscale Italian pizzeria, Forcella, which is based in New York and ranked as the best Neapolitan pizza in America. Today, through THE LOCAL PIZZAiOLO restaurants, he will share his passion for traditional Neapolitan pizza by taking his pizza making techniques to a fast-premium, flavor-driven pizzeria concept with attainable prices.