Don’t Read if Hungry! – About Our Menu & Menu Philosophy

As mentioned in the last post, this post will do a deeper dive into the menu & menu philosophy.

The inspiration for our menu is driven by the history of pizza making in Italy and by you & your feedback during our tastings. We want to deliver tasty Neapolitan inspired pizza that’s accessible for all guests, so that you can enjoy the pizza we make and that you can come back again & again for a casual meal, date night, lunch with co-workers or any occasion. Every occasion is perfect for pizza in my culture!

One of our first considerations is that we want our pizza to be affordable. Not cheap. Affordable. There are few products in the world where you can make “the best” of something and have it be affordable. The best car in the world certainly isn’t affordable for everyone. But, for example, premium beverages like a great cup of coffee or a Coca-Cola is accessible. Pizza is the same way. It is very common right now in the trends that for something to be amazing, it has to be expensive. Not with pizza! Pizza is something that brings all classes to one level. Because pizza is made up of mostly water and flour – we price it accordingly so that anyone and everyone will be able to sit down at our restaurants, and enjoy its taste and experience the flavors where pizza was born.

Our second consideration was making every bite as flavorful as possible. Taking a bite into our pizza is like taking a short trip to Napoli! With pizza, we know that there are so many options to choose from and I have curated a selection of classics & some of my own creations that include local Georgia ingredients like brisket from our friends at Heirloom Market BBQ & ghost-pepper infused honey from a 3rd generation bee hive farming family (more on this collaboration in a future post). We have other ingredients that are sourced from Italy; including our unique flour blend that I created from the flours produced at the Caputo Family mills in Naples and our tomatoes from the Ciao family business & their Napoli countryside farms. It is special for me to be able to share with you my culture – which is more than great food – it also means living with great passion.

The third consideration is this passion. Anyone can have the same ingredients but it is the care and passion into the craft that makes the difference in how delicious it can be. Dough is a ‘live’ product and takes great care to make properly. Our food partners are all very passionate too about how they responsibly source and import. I have had very long relationships with them starting even when I opened my first restaurant in Rome. So, there is passion from start to finish in our pizza.

Real Pizza Passion. We have focused on the natural pizza craft, the premium ingredients, the experience and making you happy without emptying your wallet.
Without further explanation, please check out our Menu!

These are the things that I am passionate about. We look forward to seeing you at The Local Pizzaiolo & feeding you soon.

Giulio Adriani