Meet The Team Behind The Local Pizzaiolo!

As mentioned in our previous post, we want to share what it’s like behind-the-scenes of our restaurant start-up, The Local Pizzaiolo – the vision, the lessons learned, the moving parts, and hopefully this will be helpful to others with similar dreams to create a business from scratch.

We’ve been open for a few weeks now on the Westside & thrilled with how our pizzaiolo training & final product turned out.  (The most important reason for coming to see us!)  We’re thrilled & grateful for all the reviews too & we’d be even more thrilled if you could vote for us for Best Pizza.  Just scroll on down (okay – way down) to Good Eats and it is the 4th category.  http://bit.ly/2nEvezw  (Come try us out if you need proof!)

One of the most important things about a start-up are the people that lay its foundation. A team that allows for diverse thinking, healthy collaboration, idea sharing and carrying a big load of work to launch. So who are we? We want to introduce ourselves before we get too far down the path because we hope that we will have a chance to get to know you along the way too.

Here’s a snapshot of the three of us who collaborated to open The Local Pizzaiolo. We have also really enjoyed building out our first management & restaurant teams who we will introduce in a future post!


Giulio Adriani, Co-Founder & Head of Culinary

Giulio is a restauranteur at heart, has incredible creative vision & is amazing at assessing talent. He has owned and operated seven restaurants and serves as a leading consultant of Neopolitan pizza making in the world. His awards include the coveted Gold Medal of the 2010 World Pizza Championship in Salsomaggiore, Italy, the 2009 International Pizza World Championship in Napoli, the 2008 Pizza World Cup in Lecce, and the famous 2010 World’s Best Pizza – America’s Plate, in New York.  Secret fact – Giulio also served in the Italian Army & is also holds the equivalent in Italy to a MBA!  His love of surfing & earning extra money to support his sport is the original reason he got into the restaurant business as a teen.  You can read more about his career on giulioadriani.com.


Fior Bresolin, Co-Founder & Chairman

Our nickname for Fior is “The Founder.”  He had the chutzpah to pull the pieces together to bring the concept off the ground & provides implicit trust to get that done.  Fior is a successful multinational businessman most noted for his expertise in real estate portfolio growth and strategic business planning (great for real estate selection negotations!). An experienced legal practitioner, he currently owns and operates Quantum Group, a well-known Real Estate company based in Palm Beach, Florida. Fior attended University of Ottawa for his BS and JD and received his MBA from Cornell University.  His family is from the Venice region & Calabria region in Italy & Fior’s first job was actually in a pizzeria back when he was 15! (pictured with his two daughters)

(And meet me!) Allison Hill, President & CEO

First & foremost, I’m a mom of 2 teenage girls who have been excellent taste testers, concept testers & overall, gut check teen advisors.  Their feedback has been so useful including pushing to add the ‘Exception’ menu item to the list. (pizza with pepperoni & against Giulio’s food philosophy – except that it is literally the best, most natural pepperoni made!)  I’m entrepreneurial at heart whether that is something new or if that was a global role or a domestic role. Most recently, I served on the Executive Team at Miller’s Ale House leading their re-positioning and re-branding as Vice President of Marketing and I have also held global roles working for The Coca-Cola Company and Sprint. I fell in love with restaurants as a busgirl way back when & earned my hospitality business degree and my MBA from Cornell University to pursue this dream.

This is just the beginning of our journey and we look forward to sharing more as we grow (including some #TBT on what we learned during the conceptual process)! Stay tuned for our next piece from Giulio which will dive into our menu.

Allison Hill