Your Pizza Is On Its Way!

On January 23rd we’ll be opening our doors! We decided to make our Grand Opening plan more of a community event. Free Pizza for everyone in exchange for a minimum $2 donation to No Kid Hungry & Atlanta Community Food Bank. We hope to raise lots of money for important causes & be pretty busy that day to test our skills! Much hard work & planning has gone into building out our first unit with the vision to scale an authentically inspired Neapolitan pizza restaurant, gelateria, and Italian Mercato all under one roof – The Local Pizzaiolo! So, how did we get here?

Let’s start with what even is a pizzaiolo? And, how do you pronounce it anyway? A pizzaiolo is the Italian word for ‘pizza maker’. And pronouncing it is easy: PIZZA + YOLO. That’s it!

In Italy, and especially Naples, there are so many revered pizza makers who make authentic and amazing pizza. We named our restaurants after the ‘who’ & what they deliver that goes beyond pizza making: the warm welcome, the warm good-bye, the passion they put into pizza making, and their wish to deliver more than just a meal.

We are opening four locations in local neighborhoods around Atlanta. This is our test to see if we can scale authentically-inspired Neapolitan pizza (more on what that means in a future post exploring our menu) to be part of the local neighborhood, wherever local may be. What are all the pieces & parts to training & operations that can make this possible?

Our mission is to “Serve the best-tasting pizza on the planet by some of the most warm-hearted humans on the planet.” Pretty lofty, but we can’t wait to take on this challenge by hiring entrepreneurial team members that love hospitality along with our extensive onboarding and training program.

Here are the highlights of our offering:

Fast Premium.

Neapolitan-inspired pizza at affordable prices in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.


Global & Local Ingredients.

Sourced with premium ingredients from local farms in Georgia to global farms on the Napoli countryside.


Specialty Cocktails, Craft Beers, & Wine.

Specialty cocktails developed exclusively for us by the famed Bratislav Glisic along with select local craft beers and excellent wine!


Italian Coffees.

Cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and Americanos to perk you up any time of day.


Delicious Gelato.

Dessert that you won’t be able to prevent yourself from devouring.


Italian Mercato.

Imported goods from Italy so you can bring Italy back home with you.


Our next ‘piece’ will explore the people behind The Local Pizzaiolo. We look forward to sharing more about exciting updates, and lessons learned from starting and scaling The Local Pizzaiolo!

Allison Hill / President & CEO